Top 3 Reasons to get a pond by Dalton Quigley of Quigleys Landscaping

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There are  many reasons to build a pond and here are my top 3.


Girl near pond in Franklin Tennessee after pond cleaning job.

Children love ponds. Three reasons to get a pond.

1. Stress reliever, when you come home and enter the space of the pond the sound of the water trickling down will just settle your mind helping you to unwind from the day.

2. Having people over and Socialization, people gather near any source of water for conversation, water just seems to have that magical quality of collecting humans near it.

3. Ponds can serve as a focal point and provide movement within an area. Waterfalls, fountains, or pretty Koi fish swimming around provide movement which is a new wonderful dimension to your space.

Movement is a dimension that most don’t think of when they think of a space. The movement of water provides sounds that relax the mind, gathers people, and adds a contrast to the stillness of the landscape.

You may have your own reasons for wanting a pond like the beauty of Natural Stone, or certain plants that can only be grown in water like Lotuses, or Papyrus. Whatever your reason we hope to be who you think of when you are wanting to install a pond or water-feature at your home.

Call us to help with your needs for a water-feature installation or just to take over the maintenance of an existing system.

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