Pond Leaks Help for Waterfalls and Ponds

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Pond Leaks Help for Waterfalls and Ponds

Over the years we have had many clients who have developed a leak in their pond / waterfall. Clients of ours tend to call really concerned especially if they have Koi or other aquatic life and want a solution.
We offer a consultation to help locate and repair the leak. Since a leak is more like a mini investigation we have made this page to help you locate and repair the leak yourself or if you desire we can help.
A consultation to help locate a leak is $125 for the first hour and $70 each additional hour. Your pond may be as large as a football field and in this case the pricing would be the same.

How you can determine where a leak has occurred in your waterfall / pond system: Below

1. Way to find your leak.

If you shut down the pond and mark where the water levels off and wait a day does the pond still leak water?
Many people are noticing that their system is leaking because the water levels go down over time, this may be natural during low humidity times and if you have multiple tiers where water passes through air and evaporates. If you are convinced this is more than the normal rate of evaporation the first step is to shut the system down and place a chalk mark at the level where your pond is stable. Go back after a 24 hour period and mark where the water is. ( Depending on the temperatures you may need to provide your fish with a bubbler or other air supply to keep the water oxygenated. ) This can help you determine if the leak is in the lower portion of the system or the upper.

2. Way to find your leak.

If the leak is not in the lower portion of the pond you should next look for wet areas around the pond. Finding a wet area around the pond when the surrounding area is normally dry may help you trace back the water to your leak.

3. Way to find your leak.

* After looking for wet areas if this is not fruitful it is time to look at hoses, the skimmer box, and other parts of the system that may be elevated and exposed. Any part of your system that is exposed to outside air has the possibility of freezing and breaking.

If you feel you do not have the expertise or even the time to investigate the leak give us a call in the Middle Tennessee areas of Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Spring Hill, Nolensville, Smyrna, and Murfreesboro. We will set up a time and day that works with your schedule.

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