Have extra Koi fish?

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Do you have extra koi fish and want them to find a new home?

Giving away fish? We will come and get your fish. Free to a good home. We do not have fish for anyone to come get from us this is just for the person who has extra and wants them to go to a good home.

Nashville Koi Fish for ponds

Fish breed

We all start out with just a few fish, give them a  happy home and feed them well. They make us happy with their gentle movements. When fish are happy and comfortable they will breed and this can cause you to have extra koi in your pond. Too many koi can be a bad thing at times since each needs oxygen and your system may only be able to keep up with the needs of a few. Give them to a good home.

We will take your fish and give them to a good home.

If you have extra koi fish and are looking for a good home for them let us know. We will not buy the fish but simply spend our time and gas to bring them to one of our clients who have stated that they will like to have any that have over bread in someone locals pond. We service the areas of Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Spring Hill, and Nolensville TN.

What we think you should do now.

Get in touch with us through our contact page.

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