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Do you have extra koi fish and want them to find a new home?

Giving away fish? We will come and get your fish. Free to a good home. We do not have fish for anyone to come get from us this is just for the person who has extra and wants them to go to a good home.

Nashville Koi Fish for ponds

Fish breed

We all start out with just a few fish, give them a  happy home and feed them well. They make us happy with their gentle movements. When fish are happy and comfortable they will breed and this can cause you to have extra koi in your pond. Too many koi can be a bad thing at times since each needs oxygen and your system may only be able to keep up with the needs of a few. Give them to a good home.

We will take your fish and give them to a good home.

If you have extra koi fish and are looking for a good home for them let us know. We will not buy the fish but simply spend our time and gas to bring them to one of our clients who have stated that they will like to have any that have over bread in someone locals pond. We service the areas of Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Spring Hill, and Nolensville TN.

What we think you should do now.

Get in touch with us through our contact page.

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Buy Fish for your pond. Koi Fish.

Fish for ponds Buy-Koi-Fish

Fish for your pond.

At the link below you will be able to buy and have Koi fish delivered to your door.
Live Koi Fish – 10-Lot Assorted Standard A Grade Quality (3 -4 Inch) (10)

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Here is a list of commonly used pond chemicals.

You can buy these chemicals from anywhere.

Chemicals for Muck for up to a 1 acre pond, comes in tabs so you can teat smaller ponds.

UltraClear Muck Digester 4 pounds (Treats up to one acre)


Chemicals for Algae.

API Pondcare Algaefix Algae Control, 1-Gallon


Dechlorinator and Heavy Metal Neutralizer.

API Pondcare Chlorine and Heavy Metal Neutralizer 32-Ounce

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Pond, Waterfall, and Pump Maintenance for your Tennessee Pond.

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Thank you for visiting our page on Pond and Waterfall Pumps. In our work across Nashville and Middle Tennessee we run
across a wide variety of pond and waterfall problems. Hoses can become loose and leak causing water loss and even pump failure.
If you turn on your pump but do not hear that familiar humming sound of the pump something may be wrong. Check to see if
there is the proper amount of water in the pump housing, and filters should be clean. Is the electricity getting to the pump? Is there a layer of mud that could be clogging things up on the bottom of the pond from lack of cleaning?

If you are in the Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Nolensville, Spring Hill, areas we can provide service to you.
There are more areas we will visit so call for more information.

Pond-Cleanout-Repairs-Builder-TN Frankin, Brentwood, Spring HIll, and Nolensville Tennessee.

The above image shows a pond being cleaned and pumped out.


When a pump fails you must buy a new one. There are ways to have a pump connected so that replacement will be easy.
This is one of the most costly items in your pond or waterfall system so care and maintenance of the system are important.
We provide a maintanance schedule that includes 1 visit a month to add proper bacteria, and remove debris from your pond or waterfall.

We want to work with your Pond or Waterfall go to our Form.


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Local Products and Services Link Page

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Nashville Landscape Supplies This site is a great place to find a local landscape supplier who will give you the attention you need.

Nashville Hardscapes When you are considering a Patio, Walkway, or Retaining Wall just visit this site. Loads of Photos, and Videos of our Work.

Nashville Outdoor Lighting Lighting Repairs, Design, and Installation for any Landscape or Outdoor Environment. Get an Estimate! Remember you can only enjoy your property 1/2 of the day without lighting.

Nashville Irrigation
Irrigation Repairs, Design, and Installation, in the Nashville area including Control Panels, Sprinkler Heads, and Drip. When it is time to Blow out your system remember our name Nashville Irrigation .com .

Nashville Landscaping
The Best Landscaping of Tennessee and the Nashville area. Creative Design of perfectly appropriate spaces. Installation of unusual eye catching plants, landscape themes to the clients needs, and even Modern Landscaping.

Nashville Drainage When it comes do Drainage why do a project two or even three times? Get a consultation from Dalton Quigley and you will know what is needed. French Drains, Swales, Leveling and Grading, Downspouts, Drain Boxes, and even Driveway Drains. Do the project right one time.

Nashville Landscape Design Find a local landscape Designer in the Middle Tn area. With a plan in hand you are able to make decisions that otherwise would have been guessed at. See it before and move it on paper which is easier than replanting.

Nashville Nursery
Nursery Plants at great prices come by and pick them up or have them delivered and installed. Get plants that were loved.

Nashville Stone
Get all of your landscape stone needs met here at Nashville Natural Stone .com . Gravels, Flagstone, Fieldstone, Boulders etc. If stone is in your future you need to visit here.

Nashville Lawn Care
Lawn Mowing, Fertilization, Seeding, and all types of Maintenance. Find a person who can fill all of your Lawn Care needs here.

Nashville Tree Service
A great little site about Tree Service Professionals in the Nashville area.

Nashville Soil
Topsoil, Dirt, Soil of all types, even get compost at Nashville Soil .com. Delivery, or you can pick it up, Buy your soil here and find a friendly knowledgeable person who will help with your needs.

Nashville Mulch
All of the common mulches can be bought brown, black, pine straw, and more. Serving the Nashville Tn area with quality affordable mulches.

Nashville Sod A great site to learn about sod, grass, soil conditions, and more. See an upclose photo of fescue sod, and watch a video showing an installation. Why did your lawn not make it? Get informed and even buy sod in the Nashville Tn area. Delivery or you pick it up.

Nashville Remodeling

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